Hiking in Canada

Hiking in Canada

Kejimkujik is a park in the Nova Scotia in Canada. The park gets its name from lake named Kejimkujik, which means “tired muscles” which tells us that it is regarding canoe that will tire our
muscles during crossing the lake. This park is one of the best offering lots of lakes and rivers which are ideal for canoeing. In old times native people were doing the same thing to cross the lake and now it is still alive but in the name of sports activities.

I went to this park and thought that, why should I don`t do that. I being the unprofessional and idiot regarding canoeing tried it by just paddling in the lake and believe me it is one of the best locations to do that.

Canoeing in Kejimkujik National Park is not difficult or not boring as this place is dedicatedly made for this purpose or is used for this matter. I went to this place alone the first time and when I got married, I took my wife with me to the same place and both of us tried to do canoeing and it got us the best memory we never imagined.

During canoeing, we paddled and stopped at an island which was full of natural view. Sat there, did a small picnic which was like a strawberry on a cake on our honeymoon. This place is a must visit place for all of us and those of you, who is a layman in canoeing like me then, there is nothing to worry about. You can be optimistic and be like me or there are guided trips which will make you to just sit there and have a real canoeing experience. The Canoe is rented too over there or you can bring your own one and use it without any charges.

All in all this place will give you and your canoeing the experience you will never forget will all the natural habitat and view which is breathtaking at any time you visit it.

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